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Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the Counter Cache

  • What is the Cassette?Counter Cache Removing Cassette Security Seal
        The cassette is a plastic box in which the deposited bills are stored.  The cassette is placed inside the actual unit of the Counter CacheDuring any pickup of the cash, the cassette is removed.  By breaking the Security Seal of the cassette, the cash can then be removed for counting and deposit.  The cassette is then recycled back into the unit with a new seal.


  • Can the Counter Cache be used without sealing it with security seals?
    If the manager or owner is doing her or his own pickups, then the unit does not have to be sealed.  However, if an employee other than the one dealing with the hourly, daily, or weekly cash intake is required to make the cassette pickups, then the security seals should be used.  The seals provide that extra bit of security until the money is in the proper hands.


  • How many bills can one cassette hold?
    One cassette can hold 400-600 bills, depending on the quality of the bills.  If the bills are in good condition, the cassette can hold up to 600 bills.  However, if the majority of the bills are in poor condition, the unit will only hold around 400 bills.


  • How many bills can be deposited into the Counter Cache at one time?
    Again, the answer to this question depends on the quality of the bills being deposited.  However, given average bill quality, 50 bills can be deposited into the Counter Cache at one time.


  • How can the Counter Cache be mounted?
        The unit comes with the unique feature that it can be mounted either below or above the counter.  However, if mounted below the counter, a certain amount of space is needed in order to remove the cassette.


  • Can the Security Seals be reused?
        No, once the security seal is broken, it can not be used again.  We'll supply you with plenty of extra seals.


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