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Documents, photographs, graphics, animation, software, etc., ("Information") on the UNIWELL World Wide Web Server are protected by copyrights owned by UNIWELL Corporation and its subsidiaries or by third parties. Users of this Server may copy the Information by downloading to any device, only for purposes of personal use or for use within a household or within a limited scope equivalent to this. Moreover, if a copyright notice for UNIWELL or for a third party is affixed to any of the Information, said Information must be copied with the copyright notice unaltered and intact. Each respective Information may have separate usage conditions set forth by the copyright owner for purposes other than described above. In this case, such Information may be used according to the conditions set forth in the Information. With the exception of the cases described above and cases provided for in the Japanese Copyright Law, the Information may not be used for any other purpose or under any other circumstances whatsoever, including adaptation, redistribution by whatever mdeia, without the express consent of the copyright owner. UNIWELL makes no representation hereunder to license copyright, patent rights, trademark rights or any other rights whatsoever belonging to UNIWELL or third parties with regard to the Information on this Server. Further, all Information on this Server is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. In addition, UNIWELL assumes absolutely no responsibility or liability for the Information found on other servers reached by linking from this Server. Please be aware that the Information of this Server may be modified or deleted at any time without notice.


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